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Back to California

Everything works in circles: Asian amateur online presence seems to be no different from this rule. When cyber sex established itself online during the mid nineties, Asian niche was dominated by Oriental women from North America, pre-dominantly adult stars and strippers from the valleys in California. After it became boring to look at same/same pornstar pussy every day, amateur niche with real Asians from Japan and South East Asia was established. However, over the past year Japanese, Thai and Filipino content has become somewhat boring and market seems to be over-saturated with cheap hookers made up as dolls. Is it time for Asian-American girlfriends? Looking at photos on Asian Porngasm, it's somewhat of an opportunistic opinion holding smutty merritt.

Naked Yoga
Petite Chinese women during naked Yoga in her house

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Asian Pornstars

Been checking statistics and finding people searching for "dead Asian pornstar". Singaporean porn actress Felicia Tang who was murdered by her boyfriend in 2009 seems to be proper answer to this frequently asked question, but even Google's search engine makes this fact difficult to find as Asia Carrera pops up highest ranked in search results. Asia is still alive, it was her husband who was killed during a car accident in 2006. Iconic Asia Carrera is pretty much retired from shooting sex movies.

Naked photo from behind
From her old membership paysite: Felicia Tang of Singapore

However, this made me look into Felicia Tang a little more and she was one hot Singapore pussy. Too bad she was killed. Check her Wikipedia page for more details:
Felicia played in many big mainstream movies ascending her career as an import model for lingerie and bikinis. Her death was a big loss for Singapore community of topmodels. She will be remembered well.

Erotic Wrestling

Now, this is not for the romantic admirer of tender Asian kittens: Ultimate Surrender. It's a famous American female fighting show with competitive sexual fights. I have noticed a lot of Asian pornstars from America participating in this submissive wrestling fetish site. One face I easily recognize was Korean MILF Tia Ling, but there are many others like Christina Aguchi, Mika Tan, Annie Cruz, Chyna White, Dragon Lily and Lucy Lee. There are more Asians as seen on their wrestling model index. The basic idea is similar to mixed martial arts and wrestling, but at the end the winner gets a special reward: she get's to strap-on-dildo-fuck the loser. During the course of the fight, chicks try to wrestle each other down and use their fists and fingers to maim their opponents genitals, breasts and butts. It's pretty tough on them and they wear each other down as the fights rage on. The girls have to prove being in good shape. Fear and sweat is written in their faces. It's nothing for bitches who want to lay on their backs and spread their legs like the other lazy pornstars from this Asian pornstar index. Ultimate Surrender really requires physical strength, endurance and strong mental power from all amazones. It brings out the beast - even lovely Asian babes turn into killers.

erotic wrestling

Koren porn star Tia Ling feeling the heat during a competitive nude wrestling match. She tries hard to avoid submission.

Asian Pornstars

I am usually writing about real genuine Asian amateurs from various Asian countries on my blog as the normal Asian porn stars who are seen on so called American 'Asian porn sites' are always shown with the same old content. The same faces all the time we have seen it all a hundred times. To my surprise a fresh new Asian pornstar site has opened doors recently: CumFu. It's a funny name for a porn site, but it implies Asian pornstar participation. The quality of the content is outstanding featuring fresh videos with some of the hottest Asian pornstars from the USA including Tia Ling, Bella Ling, Tascha Lynn, Yuki Mori, Asa Akira, London Keys, Christina Aguchi, Sasha Hollander and Annie Cruz to mention just a few Asian pornstars from CumFu. It's one out of 2 Asian porn star sites that are worth their money imho.

annie cruz anal
US-Asian pornstar Annie Cruz in an anal sex scene on a recent Cumfu update

Kina Kai Fetish Asian

Kina Kai is not your next door Asian amateur. She is one of the most recognized Asian-American adult models. Kina has played in countless adult movies and posed for high profile glamour men's magazines. It's about time, she launched her own website. The leggy Asian star Kina is putting her fetishes to work. She loves to pose naked while smoking a cigarette and she got some of the most attractive Asian feet in America. Put her in cotton panties, fishnets, pantyhose or high heels and her legs from her hips to her toes and soles will look more than desirable. She is not the young Asian teen girl like other Asian amateurs, but more like an Asian sex teacher or secretary type of babe who knows how to seduce and introduce into all kinds of sensual desires. A nice change from all the Asian teens if you want to explore Asian erotica of another unusual kind. I bet, she is a bit dominant :-)

KIna Kai
Fetish Asian Kina Kai has some of the sexiest legs in Asian-American porn biz

Asian Escorts

I guess you know there are a lot of Asian girls in the USA and all guys are chasing them because for obvious reasons Asian girls are more desirable than normal American girls. Ha, don't call me a racist. I just observe that Asian girls have many more admirers than white or ebony ladies, probably because of their tight rack and silky hair (just a guess). But anyhow, it's pretty tough to score with an Asian beauty in the good old US, so there is a cool alternative: rent an Asian escort! Yes, that's correct. You can rent the company of a lovely Asian girl for a night or just a couple of hours. A couple of hundred bucks and the Asian escort is all yours. How about starting with a dinner date and ending the night in a romantic setting like a luxury hotel suite with a jakuzzi? There are a good number of escort agencies throughout the USA who specialize in Asian girls. Check out this link with Asian escorts on the USA Sexguide. Once you decide on an escort you like, you can cross check her references with previous customers on The Erotic Review, an escort review board where gentlemen publish reviews about their escort experiences. In case you are in New York, you are lucky. Plenty of Asian escorts inside the Big Apple just like this agency: New York Oriental.

asian escorts
Screen shot of an Asian escort site from New York.

Evelyn Lin

The 19 year old Chinese born American porn actress Evelyn Lin is known and respected as one of the biggest Asian-American porn talents of the XXX industry in the LA Valley. She already in appeared in around 100 adult scenes. Her fame might be related to her own vivid sexual live as she revealed in a recent article on The Naughty American. The interviewer actually confronted Evelyn Lin with the fact that her father back in China found out about her daughters carreer as she became a famous adult star. Due to the censorship in China it took awhile to get to him, but he was not very enlighted to see his daughter have sex with a lot of different guys on screen. But he showed a lot of understanding and it looks like they both have a lot of respect for each other. He hopes that his wife and Evelyn Lin's mother and other family members will not find about the porn movies. It's kind of hard to imagine that this will work out, but we wish them good luck. If you are interested to see a porn clip with the spiffy Chinese porn diva, check out Mister Chew's Asian Beaver.

Evelyn Lin
Evelyn Lin is the only Chinese adult porn star in the US. The 19 year old star has played in over 100 porn movies for DVD distribution and internet usage.

Panty Girls' Satisfaction

Awhile back we wrote our first article about Asian Panty Peeks. At that time it was just released and we thougth all there was to it are some Asian girls who pose in panties to remove them for a quick peek of their girlie bits. Just recently I have had a second look at the site and must say, it grew to a size of 50,000 images of sexy Asian amateurs who are mostly living in North America, but who are new to nude modeling and represent real fresh faces in the internet world of Asian nudes. In the first place it's more of a fetish site for uniform and underwear lovers who love to observe girls with their most intimate clothes, taking them off and playing a cock tease, but the site got more sensual ... or should I say more sexual?! The main menu will send you to the recent updates and from there to a secret page where the fun gets a bit more naughty. I was amazed to see a cock in some of the images. What a nice little surprise! Obviously the photographer got a bit more intimate with his models and got them to stroke his tool while shooting them. Hey, I really start to like this site. The girls are sexy next door type Asian amateurs and very fresh to internet modeling. Asian Panty Peeks seems to gain more momentum as it gets naughtier but still remains unique and stylish. It's a great new Asian fetish for lovers of fresh new faces and shaved Asian pussy :-)

asian panty girl
A spiffy Asian teen in a Japanese girl uniform presents her round bum right after she slid down her panty.

Crazy Babe January Seraph

Asian-American fetish model January Seraph can be seen on Bob Colture's trashy photography site Crazy Babe. Bob is a bit of an old school photographer who wants to capture moods and provoke emotions. Most of his shootings take place in small historic hotels with a seedy past. Just like the pictorial of January Seraph that was shot in a room of the Princess Lefferts Hotel in Brooklyn, NY. The photo technique on Crazy Babe is much different than on most Asian porn sites. Most shots are taken with wide angle lenses. There is a constant erotic tension between shadow and light, the model and the location. You do happen to see all details, but the pornographic details of Asian vagina is just secondary. The personality of the great looking January Seraph in a rather depressing surrounding gives a special character to the images. It's a different approach as it leaves room for interpretation. You need to think to understand and that's what gives a special erotic kick to it.

crazy babe
January poses on Crazy Babe inside a trashy hotel room. Her sets include 512 photos and 2 HD videos.

SF Bay Models

It's well known that the USA is a country build by immigrants of various ethnic backgrounds. While the founders of the country were of European heritage the majority of new immigrants in the past decades has come from Asia: Filipinos, Korean, Vietnamese and their likes love to move to the US to find their American Dream come true. Of course, this means there is an abundance of Asian model talent available as Andrew Slater of SF Bay Models shows (Editor: site discontinued in 2010). Andrew is taking advantage of the high density of Asians who are living in California and shooting Asian females for his site that features Asian nudes of around 175 models who are mostly Asian girls in their mid twenties. Most of them are genuine Asian-American amateurs who have never modeled for nudes before. A few of his girls have had decent modeling background. It's an unusual new approach of an American photographer to shoot Asian nudes with real amateurs since most other US websitSF Bay Models you see fresh new faces that love to show off their Asian girlie and lady bits. The amount of over 224,000 images is a very impressive quantity that is rarely found on any other nude modeling site.

sf bay nude
One of Andrew Slaters Asian American amateurs from SF Bay Models

Tina Toy

She was born in the Philippines according to online sources, but is hardly known as a Filipina erotic star: Tina Toy. I discovered her while browsing Asian Sex Club, a site devoted to Asian-American girls. Part of the site features videos in POV style where the male partner is acting and holding the camera while he is having sex with Asian females and the other substantial part is a large archive of photos of Asian-American girls, many of whom are exotic dancers and porn stars. Some of the biggest names show up on the site like Lily Thai, Akira Lane, Arielle Lee and Mika Tan. Filipina born exotic dancer Tina Toy, who has performed in many well known strip clubs across the USA, can be seen in 13 photo sets and 6 videos on Asian Sex Club. Her credentials as an Asian porn actress include parts in the following adult movies: Pussy Foot'n 6 (2003), Buttslammers 20 (2001), Cockless 2 (2001), No Man's Land: Asian Edition 1 (2000), Private Performance 145: Liquid Gold 10 (2000). (Source: IMBD) According to her talent agency she has earned a title as 'The world's #1 pole dancer'.

tina toy
ASC features many photo sets and videos of Tina Toy like this one where she starts out as a cheerleader and finishes by masturbating with a rabbit vibrator.

Yumi and Marianna

Yumi is a respected Asian-American fetish model. She is known for her own site, but she does work for other photographers who love to shoot kinky stuff and have a good sense for erotic moments just like Bob Colture of Crazy Babe. He shows Asian Yumi and Marianna in some rough scenes inside the Princess Lefferts hotel in Brooklyn. The set of the 2 Asians contains over 400 images and plays inside the toilet where the 2 fetish models wrestle over parts of their clothes that they tear down in a brutal, but playful way. They end up on the bare mattress later. The room inside the historic hotel has no blankets and no pillows.

yumi and marianne
Yumi and Marianne tearing down their fetish clothes during a cat fight in the bathroom.

Tia Ling Lesbian Show

Asian-American porn star Tia Ling will be performing a lesbian live show with her partner Kitty Langdon on March 26th. The live sex show will start at 6 pm PST and last for three hours. Obviously Tia's first live show a few weeks ago was a big success. Click the banner above to see her show on March 26th, 2008.

Asian Nudes on Met Art

Met Art is a cult site for the most erotic teens on the net. The site started out with some remarkable artistic nudes from Russia and Eastern Europe 6 or 7 years ago. Today it is by far the most popular nude art site on the entire internet. It is even better known than Playboy! The European models are supplemented by a lot of American models as plenty photographers from the US find it prestigious to publish their works on the Met Art site. Asian girls are rarely seen on Met Art, but just lately we observed an update with gorgeous Asian model Aurika as she was photographed by Ingret Mimisan. Aurika is absolutely adorable in her panties. And yes, she takes them off to reveal a shaven vulva! The images come in very high resolution of 3800 pix when you combine the length of both sides.

asian nude on met art
Aurika is one of the few Asian girls on Met Art, the most popular nude art site on the net.

Tia Ling Live

Tia Ling is a US-based Korean porn star from Ohio. She is well known for her gang bang scenes and her love for anal sex. Now, if you ever had the dream of being able to direct your own porn show with a real Asian porn star, you could do so with Tia Ling. She will be appearing on a 3 hour special live cam show on Asians247 on February 13th, 2008. She will be available for an online interview, a solo show and a sex show with her partner from 7 to 10 pm EST. The entire special event is scheduled to last at least 3 hours.

Tia Ling
Tia Ling is a porn start of Korean heritage. She maintains her own website and performs for live webcam shows.

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