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Girls of Cambodia

Supply of amateurs from Cambodia has been very slow over the past years. Actually, this is just our second post about sexy girls from Phnom Penh and as previously it's about sex workers (bargirls). The term bargirl is not as appropriate as for Thais or Filipina, because there are no gogobars and no barfine needs to be paid. Hookers are freelancers who hang out in popular tourist watering holes or discotheques similar to Vietnam, Malaysia and Orchard Towers in Singapore. Recently, Asian Sex Diary has started to publish articles about Cambodian girls and how to find them. It's reality based theme takes blogger John Tron to Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh two or three times a year. He researches meeting points and dating rituals with local girls, invites them for a dinner date and tells them what kind of businessmen he is: "I would like to have sex with you and make a movies. I can pay you well." Done deal.

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Comeback of a Bargirl Pornstar

Shortly after Trike Patrol opened it's virtual doors to become undisputed number one Filipino porn site online, it's producer Jimmy Regina was still picking talents by hand and performing acts himself with juicy female talent. He had the two habbits: picking better looking girls than his partners and wearing dirty white sport socks during penetration in missionary and doggy-style positions. His best pick was Manila amateur Marilyn who was recruited while being a freelancer in Greenbelt Makati, a hangout for lazy girls looking for one-night stands with horny foreigners.

manila amateur
Left: Marilyn in Trike Patrol 2008. Right: as Claudia on Pi-Monger in 2012.

While writing a review on a Philippines Sex Guide entitled PI-Monger, I found recent photos of Marilyn. She changed her stagename to Claudia and still spreads her legs for money. A natural talent with sympathetic looks, great shape and next to perfect C-Cup boobs. PI Monger offers a spread of 48 nudes with Claudia posing totally naked on a hotel bed in Manila. Guys who want to pick her up, just need to visit Manila Bay Cafe in Manila's old center Ermita. It is a pub and restaurant with lots of Filipina girls who want to accompany foreigners as sensual courtesans to hotel rooms. It was previously named LA Cafe and has a long standing history for cheap Manila amateur hookers.

Nude Girlfriends from Thailand

manila amateur Corina

Thai girls are adorable. They are slim, in great shape, clean and proud Asian amateurs who - in many cases - make great girlfriends. While most Thais are shy, bargirls from Pattaya and Bangkok are less restricted when it comes to enjoy a lot of sex and posing for Asian nudes. So, it does not come as a surprise when commercial porn producers have spiffy and innovative ideas to ask other people do some work for their benefit without needing to pay for expensive production crew and modeling fees. Start up this new site: Submit my Thai Girlfriend. Mainly sex tourists and British sexpats who visit or live long time in Pattaya submit images of naked Thai bargirls from their one-night stands to this new site. Most girls who are shown in teaser photos are pretty cute, appearing a bit above market average for intimate Thai bargirl insiders.

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Quality Filipina Sex

manila amateur Corina

It's not easy to find good quality sex movies from the Philippines. While chicks are cute, skills of producers and equipment fail to buzz. Once in awhile a new whiz kid shows up and surprises to the upside. In case you haven't noticed already, Trike Patrol has hired a new porn genius who shoots superb Manila and Cebu porn with sweet, petite and cute Filipina amateurs. Each new movie shows a cool story line combining real Pinay sex economy with pump-and-squirt orgasms. It's high performance bargirl and amateur hardcore by a guy who calls himself John Tron. Carnal action is provided in HD video with good lighting. Editing and use of different POV angles provides suspense like not seen since the first days of Trike Patrol scandals upsetting pimps and priests at the same time. Finally, there is some fresh spirit in Asia's bargirl XXX showing great improvement from old fashioned suck-and-fuck episodes. Trike Patrol is making a solid turn to the positive! Congratz.

Corina, left, does way more than just masturbating her Makati pussy while laying on the back. This shy and natural amateur turns out to be a true Asian sex machine in John Tron's first TP episode.

Real Cambodia Pussy

Now, this new Asian amateur porn site is as close to reality sex documentation with hookers from Cambodia as it gets: Klaus in Cambodia. The local sex scene in this poor South East Asian country battled by AIDS and poverty has not dried up after Unicef and other NGOs have helped to close down illicit red-light districts like K11, a notorious place where sex slaves of whom many where underage girls from Vietnam provided services for middle aged sex tourists, old farts and local perverts. Even though Klaus' Phnom Penh whores are of legal age and over 18 this is probably one of the most useless new Asian porn sites online. Why do we always need to be confronted with poor Khmer girls who do anything for money? Poverty stricken 20 year olds with mind sets of elementary school beginners are neither erotic nor do they represent typical Cambodian women. However, they are desperate and about the only females who are available for budget minded porn producers seeking nothing but profit. It's a pity, but on the other side it's reality and just like on TV, the audience loves it. So if you are into cheap and desperate Cambodian whores and want to see how they perform between sheets in cheap short time hotels, go ahead and watch their Cambodia Pussy. I will pass on this one. It's just disgraceful to show bareback porn from a country with extremely high rate of HIV/AIDS. The amount of content is limited to a couple of photo sets.

nude khmer girl

Naked Khmer prostitute secretly photographed during sleep. Klaus shows off images of having sex with this Cambodian amateur in his hotel room.

Fresh Filipina Whores

nude bargirls
Brianna and Mandy, two Filipina bargirls who show up naked on the new Asian amateur site as mentioned below.

Supply of new content depicting Filipina amateurs and porn from the Philippines has dried up considerably over the past 3 years. Most Pinay sites rotate old and over-used content. But, today is our lucky day as I discovered this new site: Amateur Asian Bargirls. It shows real, genuine new content of Filipina bar girls (sorry, it's already out of business) from Angeles City. The pleasant quality in content and design makes a fine experience. As they just started out, I don't know if they will keep updating, but they took off for an excellent start in my book. Various Filipina solo girls like Keira Lee and her sister Tera Lee are available again. Some of the girls are actively involved in managing their sites while interacting with members via webcam shows, email and chat. You may wonder about the term 'bargirl' if you have never been to Asia. This term is used to describe exotic dancers who work in agogo bars, usually scantily clad in underwear or bikinis - sometimes they perform all nude. Many of them are available as escorts. Less politely expressed, they are considered Filipina whores by people who don't have the fortune of possessing sophisticated language skills. Ouch!

Trike Patrol Reloaded

It's been a bit slow about Trike Patrol for the past year or so. When the Filipino porn site launched with drunk Filipina bargirls and the most original branding showing a motorcycle pickup theme it was a big Filipina sex scandal. Bar owners who thought the girls were their property because they worked as prostitutes in their bars went nuts. They went nuts because of the attention they got. While the girls got well paid for their performances in Trike Patrol porn movies, bar and brothel owners would have a hard time to admit most of their girls would have sex with sloppy old customers for just a share of less than 10 Dollars, while a shoot with Jimmy Regina's crew would yield much higher. Guys from around the world flew to Angeles City in the Philippines to find the Filipina amateur pornstars as they wanted to have sex with them. Most of them were highly upset about how much they were exploited as they were working for very low barfines (a term used to define a prostitute's salary that is shared with the bar/brothel)

naked Filipina
Sabrina, one of the newest Manila amateur talents for Trike Patrol. According to their producer, new talent is from Manila and not from Angeles City anymore.

Anyhow, it all comes down to the old moral: what's better for Filipina bargirls? Make a porn movie and earn more in one afternoon compared to a Filipino worker's monthly salary or work in a brothel/bar that does not even provide condoms for use for a mere fee of 10 bucks? Obviously, both is not really kosher, but it's widely accepted and there are new Filipino girls taking up work in bars because they believe they have no other choice. There is a lot of new talent coming and Jimmy Regina set up new film crews to generate fresh Filipina sex movies for Trike Patrol. His site has been redesigned and features many new faces. Some older, lost episodes are added as well. It seems, Trike Patrol is back on track and we can expect more updates. The quality got better as well: most movies are in HD, now. This means the video window is at least 720 pix wide as compared to 460 in the past.

Thai Sex Scandal in Pattaya

It was published on various online magazines from Thailand: An American porn producer was captured by Police after his girlfriend reported him to the Cops. According to the publications the person is operating a well known Thailand based porn site: Creampie Thais. The site depicts sexy Thai bargirls and amateurs engaging in sex acts without condom performing creampies - a term describing the sperm outflow from a Thai pussy once the male finishes intercourse and retracts from the female sex organ. As Creampie Thais is one of the better quality Thai porn sites, it might be the last chance for people to have a look at it and join as a member. Chances are, it will be closed very soon should the allegations on the online magazines like Pattaya Daily News be true (EDIT: articles have been removed, but are still available on search engine caches). We will keep you posted, but we recommend joining as soon as possible and downloading the movies if this kind of Thai porn is your taste.
Pattaya Hookers

Cellphone Kitty

It's awhile ago that I made a sex vacation in Bangkok's red-light district Patpong. I happened to meet this Canadian and a French guy who revealed to me they were shooting porn movies in Thailand. I joined them for a tour through the agogo bars and while crossing the street they greeted one of the sexiest ladies I ever encountered. Her name was Kitty and she was accompanied by a huge guy, a bodybuilder with a mean face. She said to my two friends 'this is the guy who called me last night' and giggled. The bodybuilder seemed to get very angry and looked even meaner and my friends took off and told me to get out of here as fast as possible. Luckily the muscle machine was not very bright.
Once we were in a Taxi and on our way to another red-light district they told me that they were shooting Kitty last night for a porn scene on Asian Apple Seed. They were shooting an anal scene with her when her cellphone rang and she answered. It was her boyfriend and he wanted to know where she was as he was waiting for her. It was his birthday. I think he got suspicious when he heard the moaning and the banging noises of a guy's balls hitting Kitty's ass 3 times every second. This story is real and not a fairy tale! Click the image to see sample images of a scene. Kitty is an excellent lay!

thai kitty
Kitty sends a text message before the Thai porn shoot that she is shopping, but her boyfriend calls in during a anal porn scene. What a surprise!

Filipino Hardcore

I always thought that people who are interested in Filipino porn prefer the interracial mix between sexy Filipina girls and foreign men, but there is a good number of sites out on the market that show real Filipino hardcore with Filipino men and Filipinas having sex. The flagship of this category is a site called Filipino Fuck. The content on the site was shot between 2003 and 2005 by an American low budget producer and his Filipino crew. It is rumored that they ran into problems recruiting new models because their content was copied and brought back into the Philippines where it was sold on the black market and published in sex magazines like Sagad and Bomba. This all scared Filipino models to appear in future porn productions. The flow of new hardcore from the Philippines is definately slow, but Filipino Fuck offers vast archives of Pinay porn that even include threesomes and lesbian Filipinas.

alma chua
filipina alma
lesbian filipino fuck

Alma Chua shows up on Filipino Fuck in a lesbian scene with another Filipina amateur.

Asian Escapades

A few months back we reviewed GotoPhil, a website compiling information about sex tourism to the Philippines. If you think about a Philippine sex vacation to meet bargirls, gro's or mail order brides with a Filipina heart you should also know Asian Escapades. AE is the competitor to Go2Phil and the fight between the 2 parties gets heated when they want to determine who the best bars and best performing bargirls in Asia are. The main area of interest lies in Philippine prostitutes who work as bargirls in Angeles City. They have featured bargirl models in extensive nude photo shoots and there is an active message board forum where sex tourists post their experiences and advices about sex in the Philippines. Interesting to see are some vintage photos of the bars and Filipino brothels that are unique for this site.

asian escapades
A screen shot of the Asian Escapades site. The images in the member's section are uncensored and contain real photos of actual Filipina prostitutes.


It's amazing that I haven't mentioned Christian's site before: LBFM.NET. Since May 2002 LBFM net compiles nude images and Asian porn videos of several hundred Asian amateurs. Most of them are normal girls and bargirls from the Philippines and Thailand. One of his more famous amateur models is the Filipina bargirl Edmilyn who can be seen on many pictorials including nudes, lesbian scenes and even hardcore. One new release on LBFM net shows the Manila amateur masturbating with a blue vibrator. It is said on other Filipina porn sites that Edmilyn is a bargirl from Makati. The footage of her was shot by a amateur photographer named Jimmy Carter who has taken her images in 2003. Nobody knows what happened to her or the photographer and newer footage is unheard of. But there is plenty of old stuff on Edmilyn in the vast archives of LBFM net. They also feature a lot of sets of busty bargirl Alma Chua.

manila amateur
Edmilyn is a Manila amateur who modeled for various Filipina porn sites. Most of her images and videos are archived at LBFM net.

Voyeur Bargirl Porn

Torbe is a Spanish porn producer and actor who shoots porn movies where ever he walks, sleeps or farts. He is shooting POV style, that means he is camera operator and actor at the same time. Usually he films in Europe and South America, but unnoticed to most, Torbe just recently visited Thailand. His prime intention was to have fun and bang a few Thai bargirls and models from the upscale massage parlors in Bangkok. Torbe invited Thai girls into his hotel room and had sex with them. The way Asian girls move their hips back and forth while riding a cock and contracting their vaginal muscles caused an animated production of body fluids. Now, the guys that know Torbe Network can assume that Torbe wouldn't be Torbe if he would not have taped his adventures. According to reliable sources, he was unsuccessful at recruiting talent for his shoots while being upfront honest with the girls by asking them for a performance. He resorted to a little trick and just banged them. The action was filmed with a hidden camcorder. After the deed was done he asked the chick's permission for the porn tape by offering her a generous payment for a release form. Guess what? All chicks happily took his sperm and his money. The footage on Torbe's Spy site with Thai Girls on hidden cam is awesome!

torbe in thailand hidden cam
spy asian porn torbe in bangkok

Captions of Torbe having sex with a Bangkok Girl. The action was filmed with a hidden camcorder.

Anal Thai Porn

While anal sex is very common in Europe and the Americas, Asian girls are not really famous for their A-Level skills (unless they are ladyboys, but they don't count here!). You have to look really hard to find Asian porn sites that regularly show anal intercourse for their viewers. I have looked and looked around for a few weeks and could only locate one site that features anal sex scenes with fresh content: Asian Apple Seed. We have given a short review of this site about 7 months ago when it opened doors to the public in regard to bar girl porn. Now, the Thai porn site still goes full steam with a new 30 to 40 minute hardcore video and over 200 new pics every week. Over the past weeks we have observed a growing amount of Thai anal sex scenes as well as poses where Thai girls receive rectal treatment with inflatable anal plugs and light bondage with ball-gags and metal chains.

asian bondage
A Thai sex doll gets chained for a porn shoot on Asian Apple Seed

Fresh Thai Pussy

There is this guy who calls himself Dirty White Boy. He is the most prolific porn producer in Thailand and best known for his hardcore site with filthy Bangkok Streetwhores. Guess what, the guy just released a new website: Asian Chicks with American Dicks. Unlike his older sites that are filled with rather cheap and slutty hookers, Asian Chicks with American Dicks offers some of the cutest Thai Bargirls close up and in action. Thai girls are rather petite and little in size. It is amazing to see how they flex their little wet holes around solid American beams. They don't just look fuckable, but tasty enough to have your tongue go inside their cotton panties!
I am not sure, how the concept of the site works, but they do offer 2 days for free when you join them.

thai pussy
A new Thai hardcore site features some of the cutes teens from Thailand. They are very fuckable and engage in raw sex once undressed.

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