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Everything works in circles: Asian amateur online presence seems to be no different from this rule. When cyber sex established itself online during the mid nineties, Asian niche was dominated by Oriental women from North America, pre-dominantly adult stars and strippers from the valleys in California. After it became boring to look at same/same pornstar pussy every day, amateur niche with real Asians from Japan and South East Asia was established. However, over the past year Japanese, Thai and Filipino content has become somewhat boring and market seems to be over-saturated with cheap hookers made up as dolls. Is it time for Asian-American girlfriends? Looking at photos on Asian Porngasm, it's somewhat of an opportunistic opinion holding smutty merritt.

Naked Yoga
Petite Chinese women during naked Yoga in her house

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Maria Ozawa Nude Art

It's very hard for a foreigner to travel to Japan and get in touch with Japanese porn stars. An excellent reputation for a Western person is needed to be accepted by Japanese agents. Normal porn producers don't qualify for any respect by Tokyo studios and agents. They are considered third class scum bags. That's why you hardly ever see famous JAV models being featured in Western produced porn videos or men's magazines. However, it's different if a true artist packs his bags of equipment with full format cameras and knocks on doors in Tokyo talent agencies. He is spotted as a genuine artist and everybody tries to help him. I am talking about Norwegian nude art icon Petter Hegre of Hegre Art COM. One has to pull his hat from this unique photographer. He managed to hire JAV sensation Maria Ozawa, the most respected Japanese adult star for nude art shoots. Dozens of photo sets and erotic videos are scheduled to be online within the next couple of months including other great Tokyo models. While the majority of models are Caucasian, Petter has previously included unique nudes of Indonesian girls and Bali models. The quality of his content can easily be called the best available online! You shall become a fan of his nude art when you visit.

Maria Ozawa

JAV super star Maria Ozawa poses for nude art images shot by Petter Hegre. Maria will be featured in future updates of Hegre-Art website

Mature Japanese Porn

Usually, porn stars are pretty young. They are fresh from 18 to 25 and considered junk when turning into their thirties. Very few stars remain popular beyond and even fewer become famous as old porn stars. But there are exceptions of this rule of demise and one of them comes from Japan: Shigeo Tokuda is a 74year old Japanese porn star who has allegedly played in over 300 Japanese porn scenes and intends to shoot more films until he is at least 80 years of age as recently reported in Western main stream media such as the online version of Time magazine. He was also featured on the global news network CNN. His movies are probably available for download over various Japanese porn sites such as XVN. You need to dig pretty deep to find them. Unfortunately, the mature porn sensation is not that easy to find as most sites concentrate on the names of the female JAV stars rather than the male actors, but Shigeo Tokuda is definitely stealing the show in the main stream media.

tokuda porn
Shigeo Tokuda with a famous busty female JAV star on one of the covers of his 350 Japanese porn movies

Chubby Japanese BBW

Everybody thinks all Japanese girls are slim. Hey, have you ever seen the Sumo wrestlers from Japan? Those fat guys that weight a couple of hundred kilos? They also have fat girls in Japan. While fat Japanese women are not likely to start a career in Sumo, they do pretty well in porn biz. Japanese men are starting to like fat and thick girls more and more attractive as Japan BBW suggest. This fairly unknown site features chubby Japanese women in more than just revealing poses. It's the first site of the chubby Asian porn genre. You may like or dislike fat chix, but most of them have real nice big natural boobs and round asses. It's a nice change to watch them nude and in action I guess. It's definitely a new perspective for Asian amateur sex from Japan.

chubby japanese
Nice natural boobs on a Japanese BBW

Japanese Amateurs

I am not a big fan of Japanese porn, because many sites are either censored or the hardcore action is simply to bad with short dicked Japanese guys that can't get their tool into position without using electrical toys for stimulation - but Japanese girls rock! However, there are a few less known Japanese porn sites around that are pretty decent or at least unique. One of them is JAV Hardcore. It's gives another meaning to the word JAV as the A stands for amateur as well as adult. The actresses on this site are less known and the setup is far less commercial than on similar themed internet offers from Tokyo and Okinawa. JAV Hardcore is not censored and has a bit of an voyeuristic approach where sex takes place in everyday situations, during an office break or while riding in the back of a Japanese car, etc. Everything is less staged than from the glossy studios who spend to much effort on decoration and makeup to satisfy phantasies rather than showing the pure raw Japanese sex from it's most natural side.

japanese amateur
A Japanese girl gets her hairy vagina teased during a cab drive in Tokyo city.

Maccy Bar

For many years Japanese porn sites were exclusive to a Japanese audience. It's just starting now that web sites from Japan open their doors for a western audience and offer English translations on their pages. Maccy Bar is one of the flagships of Japanese porn with JAV models and Tokyo amateurs. The site offers hardcore photo sets and movies. The open structure let's you view what you can expect from the site and all Japanese models. They have been around for 13 years and show a lot of content that includes 5547 Video Clips - 677800 Photos and 1642 full movies with daily updates.

Tokyo Teens

I am a big fan of sexy Japanese girls. They look so tight. Awesome moaning and a lot of sexual confidence in their eyes. Much different from the obedient LBFMs of South East Asia. However, I find Japanese porn movies to be a fucking joke. All the censorship around the pubic hair (aka mosoaic) is ridiculous. Good to see a Dutch company who is publishing Tokyo Teens, one of the few Japanese porn sites that is not censored. Tokyo teens is around for a couple of years, now and still going strong. It's one of the prime uncensored Japanese adult video pay sites on the internet.

tokyo girl
A Tokyo teen in her cotton bikini. She will take it off to have sex with 2 Japanese guys during her first porn shoot.

Shaven Japanese Pussy

Japanese girls don't have to much pubic hair, but they usually don't cut their intimate hair at all. So even if they have a lower quantity of hairs the lenght of each hair is amazing. Sometimes a single hair grows as long as 4 to 6 inches - no joke! It's perfect for dental cleaning if you are a happy guy with a Japanese girlfriend, but to most western boys it is rather disturbing as they like their girls shaven.
Fans of bold Japanese vagina have to look far to find a website they like. One of the few out there is G-Queen. Unlike many other Japanese porn sites, G-Queen is not censored and you can enjoy the full beauty of a hairless Asian vagina in action. The site is very expensive if you want to join and see everything. If you want cheaper, you need to select a site with hairy girls. Life can be tricky at times.

shaven japanese
Hairless Japanese vagina is available at G-Queen for a premium price.

Free Asian Sex

Christmas is getting closer and you need to put a lot of money aside for all those gifts that you want to buy. Your budget for Asian girls might be very tight in December. No need to panic! There are plenty of sites out there that offer free Asian porn with fresh images and videos every day. The sites I am talking about are Asian TGPs that publish free Asian galleries on a daily basis. Here is a list of some of the biggest Asian TGP sites on the net:

Asian Thumbs - the biggest Asian TGP by far with searchable archives
Tokyo Porn - mostly Japanese Girls on rotation
Osaka 69 - filthy hardcore galleries of bargirls and asian streatmeat
Asianzilla - pretty nice selection of Asians and ladyboys

Have fun with the free pics and movies that are given out by Asian TGP sites.

Panty Girls

This is not your typical Asian porn site. Actually, Asian Panty Peeks does not even show full nudity, but it gives you a nice and refreshing angle at how seductive Asian girls can be. Panty peeks transfers it's viewers into the intimate surrounding of Asians who wanna flirt with you. They are willing to tease and reveal with a combination of exotic seduction, flirty personality and the open use of exposing some of their most attractive body parts for ... just a peek. Don't be fooled, even if the site is not as explicit as porn sites it can be very erotic. Nice to see that the growing pool of Asian adult sites leaves room for flirty seduction besides all the hardcore filth. To be honest, I would rather have one of the Pantypeek girls stay with me over night than any of the bargirls that are featured on most Asian hardcore sites.

Asian Panty
One of the Pantypeeks girls without a panty. It is pretty inviting to explore for more.

JAV Idol

The abbreviation JAV stands for Japanese Adult Video and is the term representing Japanese porn on the internet. Female porn stars are often related to as JAV Idols. Many of the JAV idols are famous in Japan beyond their appearances in porn movies, but also appear as fashion models and on regular TV shows. While porn movies are censored inside Japan, many internet sites offer access to uncensored Japanese porn as these are based outside of Japan, like in the Netherlands, USA or Canada. Some of the best JAV sites out there are JAV Models, G Queen and Teens from Tokyo as they accept Gaijin customers. Most Japan based porn sites will not allow foreigners to access their materials and will not even reply to email requests. What a pitty!

jav porn star
Yuma Asami, a busty JAV star from JAV Models

Japanese Amateur

Miko Matsuda is a new Japanese amateur with an erotic solo girl site. She was born and raised in Japan, lived in Thailand and finally moved on to settle in the US. The Japanese amateur's website opened in the last week of March and is accepting new members via Verotel's tickets club credit card billing. Miko looks like she is very tall and big, but still with very feminine shape and fine Japanese style. Her preview does not reveal to much, but according to the webmaster and their advertisement the member's section will be completely uncensored.

Update: Miko Matsuda has decided to close down her site. To bad, but there is nothing we can do about :-(

Reon Kadena Nude

Have you ever heard of Reon Kadena? Sometimes she goes by the name of Leon? Obviously she is a sexy Japanese nude model from Osaka. I mean, she is probably the most gorgeous Asian or Japanaese model I have seen that has been modeling nude. She has a charming smile, a perfect body and great marketing. Since I have seen the 21-year old model's first nudes I am really stunned. I am posting one nude here on the blog so you have the chance to agree with me. I do believe she looks hotter than Pamela Anderson, much hotter! I am keeping my language at an appropriate level as I still hope that one day I will meet her and she will admit that she wants to become my girlfriend. If I never happen to meet her, I think I will die! Well, sooner or later that will be ...

Reon Kadena
This is a great nude from Reon Kadena. See more of her nudes on her profile on jheat.


Did you ever hear about a site called JP18? I am pretty sure you did. I did, too. But to be honest I never paid to much attention to the Japanese porn market as Japanese porn is to funny for me. I mean, you see those ugly Japanese stunt cocks with the most gorgeous Japanese girls in the same bed and instead of getting it on with sensual and erotic fun they make all the time go away by playing with fancy high-tech vibrators and giggling. That's ridiculous! Ever since I got bored with it I lost any interest in JAV.
Now, JP18 is a bit different from the typical giggling and short time sex site. JP18 is the cream of the top of Japanese porn. It's big and it's good as it shows the most beautiful Japanese porn actresses in action in Okinawa. Yes, it's true most of Japanese porn is shot on Okinawa and not in Tokyo as other sites might suggest.

Jp18 Nancy Ho
Thai model Nancy Ho is featured on JP18 galleries

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