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Thai Teen Tussinee

Thai Teen Tussinee is one of very few Thai amateurs who perform on a solo girl project.

A few weeks back a fellow Asian hardcore blogger named HornyAlf invited me to take a look at a site from a Thai solo girl network. It's a page about one Thai teen called Tussinee. She is described as a 18 year old college student from Bangkok with slim body, rather short height and curious to explore her sexuality in this Thai amateur online project. The Thai student has very strong facial attributes that underline her ethnic heritage.

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Busty Thai Woman Discovered

For long time I was not impressed with women showing up on Thai sites. The other day this changed when looking at Muei from Tuk Tuk Patrol, a rather fresh amateur bargirl site with Bangkok and Pattaya talents. I have written my first impression here: Tuk Tuk Patrol Bangkok.

Muei is a Thai babe from gallery on She is one of the newest amateur Thai porn talents.

The site has had a very slow start and some of their early talents were rather unimpressive with the exception of the first five girls. However, the newest episodes improved a lot. My special attention went to Muei. She is a doll of a woman. She is not a teen, but a real woman. Big breasted, healthy looking, confident in appearance and sophisticated in her sexuality. She represents a typical Thai woman in her mid to late twenties that can capture a millionaire husband with the blink of an eye (remember "Farang Ding-Dong"?). But why does she do porn? You never know. Maybe she did not have enough money for condo rent or she had her iphone stolen. Going back to sex work for a week and making a bit of cash is just a job for women who have previously worked in bars or massage parlors.

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Bangkok Escorts do Porn

Authentic Asian escort porn is mostly marketed as bargirl smut, while in Europe and Japan escort hardcore is of similar quality to pornstar content. We love amateurs, so let's look at them as ladies of the night who venture out into Thai porn for the more rewarding adventure of money for sex. Or was is sex for money? Newly launched Tuk Tuk Patrol hits the market as one of the few good subscription based websites that are becoming a rare commodity. It's a very original site that Thailand sex lovers should appreciate. The first two girls, Tik and her sister, are great finds. Smooth sexy Thai girls who are adorable and good in bed. They perform many different positions and styles of sexual intercourse. Other scenes include rather scary freelance hookers from North Pattaya beer gardens. They are worn out, but very kind and pleasing love slaves. It's all reality and many information about sex in Thailand is provided. Nothing is made fancier than it is. Get hookers, amateurs and MILFs to view on a weekly basis if you care about this sort of hardcore porn from Thailand with Bangkok Escorts.

escort Bangkok
Naked Thai amateur Tik provides escort services. She ventures into her first 2 porn movies for Tuk Tuk Patrol.

Busty Thai Lady

To be honest, I really don't like Thai girls that have any kind of tattoos. I think it takes away a lot from their natural beauty. I also don't like girls with implants for the same reason. But once and then I see a Thai girl like Lulu Sexbomb who has large implants and a tattoo on her stomach and I think she is looking pretty good. I don't know why, but her charming smile wins my heart. An I admit my dick gets hard when I see her close ups images of her completely shaved Thai vagina. She is completely hairless down there, even around her butt hole you see absolutely new hair. The images on her site are of very good, semi-professional quality and there are a lot of videos. If I recall correctly there is even one lesbian scene and you do get access to 3 other Thai solo girl sites like Tusinee and Tailynn.

busty thai
Lulu's solo site is online for about one year. She can be seen taking a bubble bath in one of the newest updates.

Nude Girlfriends from Thailand

manila amateur Corina

Thai girls are adorable. They are slim, in great shape, clean and proud Asian amateurs who - in many cases - make great girlfriends. While most Thais are shy, bargirls from Pattaya and Bangkok are less restricted when it comes to enjoy a lot of sex and posing for Asian nudes. So, it does not come as a surprise when commercial porn producers have spiffy and innovative ideas to ask other people do some work for their benefit without needing to pay for expensive production crew and modeling fees. Start up this new site: Submit my Thai Girlfriend. Mainly sex tourists and British sexpats who visit or live long time in Pattaya submit images of naked Thai bargirls from their one-night stands to this new site. Most girls who are shown in teaser photos are pretty cute, appearing a bit above market average for intimate Thai bargirl insiders.

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Bella Pattani

Bella Pattani Thai girl
Her name sounds Italian and she is far away from the Pacific, but she is one of the hottest girls I discovered on Pacific Beauty. Bella Pattani is a Thai model and dancer - pretty attractive, too. The website shows her topless and there are some other Asian amateur models and coyote dancers from Pattaya's agogo bar Club Boesche. PB offers downloads rather than a flat membership. It's not as explicit as other sites, but their Asian and Thai babes are much more attractive than those 5-Dollar hookers from other places.

Thai Sex Scandal in Pattaya

It was published on various online magazines from Thailand: An American porn producer was captured by Police after his girlfriend reported him to the Cops. According to the publications the person is operating a well known Thailand based porn site: Creampie Thais. The site depicts sexy Thai bargirls and amateurs engaging in sex acts without condom performing creampies - a term describing the sperm outflow from a Thai pussy once the male finishes intercourse and retracts from the female sex organ. As Creampie Thais is one of the better quality Thai porn sites, it might be the last chance for people to have a look at it and join as a member. Chances are, it will be closed very soon should the allegations on the online magazines like Pattaya Daily News be true (EDIT: articles have been removed, but are still available on search engine caches). We will keep you posted, but we recommend joining as soon as possible and downloading the movies if this kind of Thai porn is your taste.
Pattaya Hookers

Wild Thai Teens

It's hard to find some fresh new teen smut from Thailand these days. Either it's the same old nude amateur photos we have seen so many times or it's just stolen images. That's one of the reasons why I posted a little less over the past couple of months. However, today I received an email from a guy asking for advertising space for a banner for his new site Thai Girls Wild. I had a look and saw many fresh faces of cute Thai teen babes that look very new to me. What a nice surprise. If you have ever been to Bangkok or Phuket and dated a Thai girl you know those girlies are crazy. They like to party, drink, have sex, watch TV and have sex again. It's pretty rough on an old guy like myself, but for party animals in their 20 and 30ies who come to Thailand for a crazy sex vacation this is pretty much how wild it gets. The Thai sex site is pretty much like a Asian version of the infamous American smut video series Girls gone Wild, but with a more intimate and private touch. I would guess most of those nudes and sex tapes were leaked by foreign boyfriends and some girls just sold their stuff to make quick coin. Some are probably bargirls, but they also make wild Thai girlfriends.

teen thai ass
This Thai teen got so horny she could only slide down her panties for a quick sex session. Her boyfriend takes an apres-sex trophy shot of her happy face and ass. Totally sweet!

Dirty Pancake

British girls are known to be dirty Sluts. I guess that's why Thai-British babe Pencake is better known as Dirty Pancake. She is not the romantic shy Asian dreamgirl amateur one would expect for a first date, but a sex-addicted little bitch. The looks on her round face are clear cut: she starves for cock. Her website delivers! A couple of bitchy teases flow into full nudity without too much waste of patience. And suddenly: she is in the middle of a dirty sex act. That's how some guys like their Thai and British girls, don't they? They should jump right on that horny guy and perform oral, straight and anal sex. And if that's not enough, how about a lesbian intermezzo with another Thai girl? Pancake nails it right in all situations.

Dirty pencake
Pancake is the second most famous British-Thai porn actress right after Tera Patrick, but Pancake can still be considered a natural Asian amateur. She is one of 3 Thai sologirls involved into hardcore Thai porn

Bargirl Cunt

Normal Thai girls are shy and reluctant, but bargirls as found in Pattaya and Bangkok agogo bars - signature establishments of Thai adult nightlife red-light districts - are different. Those girls are Asian cunts and nothing but that. It's kind of strange when you visit agogo bars. Naturally, you may want to treat the Thai ladies working in such bad places with a little respect, but everytime I do that I need to think about their sexual performances on Thai porn sites like Every Holes Agogo. They are reduced to pure flesh that is meant to be used for paid sex, only. Facial cumshots, anal Thai sex and extreme filthy shit are tasks they perform if payment is to their liking. And that's their only interest in you: they want your money! That's it. You rent a cunt for a session of steamy hot bargirl sex. If you pay a bit more, you may push that 'RECORD' button on your camcorder and use the movies for a website, just like you see it here. Sex with Thai cunts is very simple! They are certainly not the Asian amateurs romantic beauty admirers seek, but they are a typical breed of Thai girls who are exposed to foreign sex tourists and expats.

nude bargirl
A nude bargirl from Thailand as seen on Every Holes Agogo. She is pretty (and) filthy and provides all three holes for bargirl porn movies

Thai Ass Traffic

There are plenty of solo girl sites out on the market, but most of them barely make it as they have very little to offer compared to sites with multiple Asian amateurs. To my best knowledge there is only one real Thai girl solo site on the market that is highly successful: Thainee. This chick became famous because her Thai pussy is as tiny as a SD memory chip card and her hight is ... haha ... you would hardly notice her if she was standing beside you. Now, how tiny do you think her butt hole could be? It must be extremely tight! None the less, Thainee goes one extra step to satisfy her fans and she is scheduled to appear in her very first Thai anal porn scene on Friday 5th December - a big public holiday in Thailand. According to the cameraman who is also her lover on the site she performs anal sex as well as ATM ... I think you may not know what that means. It took me awhile to figure it out as well. ATM means as much as ass-to-mouth. So this horny Thai porn star will perform oral sex on a cock that has just penetrated her ass. Thai girls love chocolate, that is a sure thing :-)

thai ass
Thai amateur Thainee will expose her tiny Thai butt for her premier anal porn session on her own Thai porn site

Cellphone Kitty

It's awhile ago that I made a sex vacation in Bangkok's red-light district Patpong. I happened to meet this Canadian and a French guy who revealed to me they were shooting porn movies in Thailand. I joined them for a tour through the agogo bars and while crossing the street they greeted one of the sexiest ladies I ever encountered. Her name was Kitty and she was accompanied by a huge guy, a bodybuilder with a mean face. She said to my two friends 'this is the guy who called me last night' and giggled. The bodybuilder seemed to get very angry and looked even meaner and my friends took off and told me to get out of here as fast as possible. Luckily the muscle machine was not very bright.
Once we were in a Taxi and on our way to another red-light district they told me that they were shooting Kitty last night for a porn scene on Asian Apple Seed. They were shooting an anal scene with her when her cellphone rang and she answered. It was her boyfriend and he wanted to know where she was as he was waiting for her. It was his birthday. I think he got suspicious when he heard the moaning and the banging noises of a guy's balls hitting Kitty's ass 3 times every second. This story is real and not a fairy tale! Click the image to see sample images of a scene. Kitty is an excellent lay!

thai kitty
Kitty sends a text message before the Thai porn shoot that she is shopping, but her boyfriend calls in during a anal porn scene. What a surprise!

Thai Teen Porn

A guy who calls himself 'Horny Alf' made me aware of this teen porn site that most of you probably never heard of: Best Teens. It specializes in teen sex with 18 to 21 year old teens. A mix of various western girls and a large amount of Thai teens. A lot of fresh faces. It seems that most of the Thai girls are true first timers to making love in front of a rolling camera. The person running the site is filming and acting himself in all the videos. It’s incredible how many barely legal teens from all around the world he has laid with his Swedish steel cock and many of them are gorgeous & natural - total girlfriend material as experts would say. A welcome change from all the nasty whores that can be seen all over the other Thai porn sites with more sensuality in combination with voyeurism. It’s a site with a different concept, just nice to observe the difference between Asian amateur material that is filmed with a camcorder on a cheap tripod to commercial Thai porn.

thai teen
Thai teen girl from Best teens. Doesn't she look sweet? She can been seen on POV style teen porn shoots.

Thai Whores

Asian porn producers use a lot of strong language. They are rude and their raw comments are very degrading for females (and shemales). Like almost every every porn guy uses the word whore or hooker for a women even if they are no prostitutes. I guess they think that all girls that take off their clothes have to be hookers. I certainly don't agree with this disrespectful attitude, but as a fact there are a couple of Asian hardcore site on the market that use real life prostitutes for their porn movies. One of the best examples: Bangkok Street Hookers! This Thai hardcore site is around 3 or 4 years old and presents real Thai prostitutes from Bangkok in Thai hardcore movies. It's pretty much the same thing as what regular sex tourists do when they visit Bangkok. First they visit a gogo bar in one of the red-light districts and on the way home they pick up a street walker and take them home for a night of casual sex in the privacy of their hotel room. The guys from Bangkok Street Whores are no different. They do exactly the same thing. Sometimes they bring their buddy along with a professional camcorder and a digital camera, but when they are to drunk, they just do the sex thing and kick the whore out after they spoiled their juices 2 or 3 times without the use of a condom. You shouldn't do that yourself as STDs are a big threat! They make HIV tests with their performers, but still it sounds a bit scary to have sex with a Thai prostitute without the use of a condom. At least it's safe to look at it. Looks like the guys are having fun with the street hookers off Bangkok's broadwalks.

nude bangkok girl
A nude street walker from Bangkok waiting on short time love hotel bed for the start of her first porn shoot.


Asian porn is pretty simple: guys and girls have sex, cumshot or creampie and the story is over. Oral sex is mostly limited to a blowjob, you hardly see a guy go dine at the Y. I guess, we just observe the beauty and sensuality of tight Thai girls. You hardly find any sites that are going into extreme territory like fisting, double penetration or other fetishes. Lately I had a look at the newest updates of Asian Apple Seed and found that these guys are crazy. They take the petite girls into chains around their necks, handcuff them and dress them up in skimpy dresses. But not enough: most of the girls perform anal sex, usually a rather rare sex practice in Thailand. A couple of scenes end in the toilet with a cumshot Bukkake finish as you can see on the image of the thumb gallery. So if you like Thai fetish porn with anal sex, bondage and even smothering you should have a look at utter filth inside Asian Apple Seed.

thai bondage
A busty Thai girl gets hand smothered during anal intercourse. Observe the leather chain around her neck.

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