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Rose is a 20year old Filipina amateur from Manila. The former cyber model from Filipina Archives appears on free images of a new Asian amateur site and also models for Live Sex cams from Asia. The single mother is depicted holding a pink metallic toy in… more »

Hairy Filipina Rose

| 11/03/19 13:25 | by Boracay | Categories: Filipina
Thai Girl Rin Darin
Thai girls are usually shaven very cleanly, but Rin Darin seems to be a nice exception from this rule. We found Rin on the Asian model site 88 Square, where she can be seen masturbating her hairy Thai pussy with a Acrylic dildo. To have pleasure with… more »

Thai Girl Rin Darin

| 11/03/19 13:18 | by Boracay | Categories: Thai Girls
Hairy Bargirl from the Philippines
Her pubic hair looks like a solid jungle. Filipina bargirl Che, who can be seen on the interracial Filipino porn site Trike Patrol, has a sweet face and a solid Asian teen shaped body. She does not shave her Filipina pussy at all. The hair surrounds her… more »

Hairy Bargirl from the Philippines

| 11/03/19 13:08 | by Boracay | Categories: Bar Girl
Piano Lau
She looks young and a bit chubby. She is one of those 18 year old Thai teens who left the family in the province to try her luck in the big city of Bangkok. She was lucky and got a good job in a department store with the help of her friends and was able… more »

Sexy Thai Piano

| 11/03/19 12:58 | by Boracay | Categories: Thai Girls
Ariel Spinner
She is one of the cutest Asian-American solo girl teens I have seen: Ariel Spinner aka Ariel Sweet. Unlike professional Asian pornstars from California she does not have the bitch look and cunt attitude, but she appears to be pretty cute and innocent.… more »

Ariel Spinner

| 11/03/19 12:53 | by Boracay | Categories: Asian American Girls
A few years back I flew to Cuba for a sex vacation to find out that most Cuban chicks had very hairy pussies. I kinda did not like the strong and curly Latina bushes so I decided to fly to the Philippines for my next vacation and to my pleasant surprise… more »

Filipina Bargirl Nudes

| 11/02/19 17:53 | by Boracay | Categories: Filipina, Bar Girl
It's nice to get naked in summer to obtain a nice tan. Asian naturist Sugar loves to get undressed on a secluded private beach to expose her white skin to powerful sunbeams of the South Chinese Sea. Of course she enjoys the special combination of hot… more »

Outdoor Nudes: Natural Bush in the Sun

| 11/02/19 17:49 | by Boracay | Categories: Asian Amateurs
Some Thai girls look like they are perfectly trimmed because their hair above the entrance of their vagina grows strong while it seems to build up less on the side and is about to vanish further down. Once your get closer - as you can see on Bee's… more »

Thai Babe Bee

| 11/02/19 17:46 | by Boracay | Categories: Thai Girls
Her name is Carmen and she has some of the biggest Filipina boobs that you can see on the internet. This Pinay amateur was only seen on one site before and some of her images are used for marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, Carmen is no longer modeling… more »

Hairy Bombshell

| 11/02/19 17:41 | by Boracay | Categories: Filipina
Jen became famous when she won a wet t-shirt contest in Angeles City, Philippines in 2003. The website Wet-T-Shirt Queen was created around her. The busty and hairy Pinay girl became more and more famous among Filipina fans as she appeared on many sites… more »

Bushy Filipina

| 11/02/19 17:23 | by Boracay | Categories: Filipina
When looking for Asians who are hairy below the belt, you have many choices. Visayan Filipinas are hairy, so are Malay and Indonesian amateurs. But if your look for Asian models who are natural down there and beautiful at the same time, Chinese pussy… more »

Chinese Pussy Jungle

| 11/02/19 17:09 | by Boracay | Categories: Asian Amateurs
Foreign girls solicit for paid sex in Wanchai. This line up of naked women is the trophy series from a new website. The flags indicate their nationalities. Many expats dream about scoring a high paid job in Hong Kong. It's not just because of high… more »

Hookers of Hong Kong

| 11/02/19 17:04 | by Boracay | Categories: Asian Hardcore, Bar Girl
Fresh news from Japan: Gravure Website has just been released this last week. Studio nudes of young Japanese adult models between 18 and 27 in extensive nude photos similar to websites from Thailand like Met Art Asians. Some of Gravure's babes are… more »

Japanese Gravure Nudes

| 11/02/19 16:56 | by Boracay | Categories: Japanese Girls
Sometimes Asian girls are found where you don't expect them. Yoko for example is an unique Vietnamese girl that can not be found on any Asian site. I think, we are the first ones to show her off on our Asian teen blog. We found her on a European nude… more »

Nude Vietnam Vixen

| 11/02/19 16:49 | by Boracay | Categories: Asian Amateurs
Her name is Lesie and she looks like an average teen from the Philippines when you meet her in a Makati shopping mall or in a Pasay restaurant. But wait until she gets naked! Then she reveals her Asian LBFM body that is made for sex. Leslie got casted… more »

Bald Filipina Porn Starlet

| 11/02/19 16:39 | by Boracay | Categories: Filipina
One of the very few Chinese porn stars in the USA that start out in adult biz as a teen Asian is Evelyn Lin. The Chinese babe is respected as one of the most professional and yet one of the youngest Asian porn stars in the US. She got into adult biz… more »

Chinese Ass

| 11/02/19 16:31 | by Boracay | Categories: Asian American Girls
I never paid to much attention to the growing number of Asian chat sites since there are so many of them that it is pretty hard to keep track of them. However, a couple of days ago I was game to try something new: Asians 247. To my pleasant surprise… more »

Asians 247

| 11/02/19 16:26 | by Boracay | Categories: Asian Amateurs, Asian American Girls
Have you ever been to Hawaii? It's a great place and the girls are hot. A lot of Filipinos and Japanese settled on the Hawaiian islands. Mixed Western and Asian females look sexy as hell. Just look at Kona Kalani! She is a spiffy Hawaiian teen babe who… more »

Hawaiian Model

| 11/02/19 16:20 | by Boracay | Categories: Asian American Girls
Sometimes you don't need to go to far to find a sexy Asian girl. That is specially true when you live in California. San Francisco is a melting pot for Asian culture in America and everybody knows the impressive dimensions of the Chinese and Korean… more »

American Asians

| 11/02/19 16:14 | by Boracay | Categories: Asian American Girls
Have you ever seen a Persian girl nude? Persia being the old name of the Iran? Have a look at Persia from Asian Panty Peeks! Sexy Persia is an who is living in America. Her ancestors immigrated from the Iran 30 years ago to America, so you could say she… more »

Persia Panty Girl

| 11/02/19 12:42 | by Boracay | Categories: Anal Sex
Aurika is a helluva shaven Asian babe. It's a perfect10 Asian American girl from California. She is what the Apaches would call a halfblood. There are a few more Asian girls on Most Erotic Teens, a site that is known for being the best nude art page… more »

Asian on Metart

| 11/02/19 12:38 | by Boracay | Categories: Asian Amateurs, Asian American Girls
Angelina does not look a bit innocent at all when you look at her spreading both legs for a photo shoot at Asian Apple Seed. Spreading her legs is not the only thing Angelina can do - well, actually it is. What I mean is she will let you do with her… more »

Anal Angelina

| 11/02/19 12:35 | by Boracay | Categories: Thai Girls
Both are completely shaven and they love lesbian games with a strap-on dildo: Tia Ling and Jasmine Jazz. Jasmin is a Canadian adult actress with Filipina blood and Tia Ling is a well known Asian-American pornstar with Korean heritage. Both girls appear… more »

Tia Ling and Jazmine Jazz

| 11/02/19 12:31 | by Boracay | Categories: Asian American Girls
By accident I found this site: Asian Teen Picture Club. It features real amateur photos of sexy Asian teens who shoot their own nudes with small digi cameras and cell phones. It's a complete change from the commercial Asian sites without retouched… more »


| 11/02/19 12:26 | by Boracay | Categories: Asian Amateurs
Her name is Hazel and she is a 22 year old Filipina amateur who has previously be seen with many nude sets on Filipina Archives. Her nude images are now being used to advertise an Asian Chat site. When you look closely she appears to have a very lovely… more »

Shaved Filipina

| 11/02/19 12:21 | by Boracay | Categories: Filipina
How should a perfect Little brown fucking machine from Asia look like? Slim with some nice boobs, caramel skin and smooth curves on her back side? Hmmm, if you like her to come from the Philippines, then you must have a look at Marilyn. She is the… more »

Perfect Pinay LBFM

| 11/02/19 12:15 | by Boracay | Categories: Filipina
Shirley is not the most pretty girl, but she makes up for it with her oral skills. This Filipina LBFM can be seen on a new Trike Patrol Episode. First she poses on a couch for a casting. She undresses very quickly and it does not take long before she… more »

Filipina Blowjob

| 11/02/19 12:09 | by Boracay | Categories: Asian Hardcore
LBFM NET is a huge collection of nude Asian amateur photos and videos that include solo girls, hardcore Asian porn and a few lesbian LBFM sets. Most of the material on this Asian sex site, that is online for exactly 5 years, originates from Thailand and… more »

Lesbian LBFM

| 11/02/19 12:01 | by Boracay | Categories: Asian Hardcore
They say, Asian MILF give the best sex, specially when they are in need of some hard cash. We asked porn producer Jimmy Regina of Trike Patrol if that is true: 'Yes MILF fuck better! They know they need to make up for their fluffy tits and strechmarks… more »

Horny Milf

| 11/02/19 11:55 | by Boracay | Categories: Bar Girl
Asian Cam Models is one of the bigger Asian chat portals on the net. Most of the girls on this platform are Filipina LFBM girls who are available for video broadcasts from their home or from cam studios based in the Philippines. They have a large… more »

LBFM Camgirls

| 11/02/19 11:44 | by Boracay | Categories: Webcams
Uniforms give weight to people's personalities. Like a policemen gains authority and power with his dress and a nurse becomes lovely and sexy that you follow all of her commands. Now, what about a schoolgirl dress? Many people think girls in a school… more »

Apple Seed Fuck

| 11/02/19 11:38 | by Boracay | Categories: Thai Girls
The capital of the Philippines is well known for it's nightlife with bars, massage parlors and KTVs: Manila. There is a website on the net called 4Womenoftheworld that features images, photos and reports from sex tourists who have conquered some of the… more »

Manila Chix

| 11/02/19 11:19 | by Boracay | Categories: Filipina, Bar Girl
The website Thai Coeds is around for an eternity. It features Thai girls having sex with white guys. Most of the Thai ladies are fairly attractive and in their early twenties - as most Thai babes they are shaven. Just a few weeks ago they completely… more »

Thai Coed

| 11/02/19 11:15 | by Boracay | Categories: Thai Girls
I always wanted find out the difference between free and private chat, but never had enough time to spend more on any of the various Asian Chat sites that are available on the internet. Somehow I felt attracted to this fine Filipina girl who said she is… more »

Nude Filipina

| 11/02/19 11:10 | by Boracay | Categories: Webcams
A fellow blogger made me aware of a website that most of you probably never heard of: Best Teens. This site specializes in teen sex with 18 to 20 year old teens. It's a mix of western girls and a large amount of Thai teens. A lot of fresh faces and it… more »

Thai Teens

| 11/02/19 11:03 | by Boracay | Categories: Thai Girls
While most Asian porn movie and photo sites are filled with Japanese and Thai girls, Asian webcam sites are filled with LBFM amateurs from the Philippines. One of the newer Asian teen chat sites is Filipina Magic. Chat rates on this network are… more »

Filipina Camgirls

| 11/02/19 10:54 | by Boracay | Categories: Webcams
Filipina Sherylie
There have been a few Filipina solo girl sites out on the market before so this is nothing new, but Sherylie is the first Filipina LBFM to be featured in the FHM Philippines magazine. The extroverted Filipina teen hails from Angeles City, a town known… more »

Filipina Sherylie

| 11/02/19 10:34 | by Boracay | Categories: Filipina
Tia is a petite Thai girl of 19 years and she operates a Thai porn site together with her French boyfriend. It's not just Tia who can be seen on the Bangkok hardcore site Thai Girl Tia, but a lot of other barely legal Thai teens aged 18 and 19 according… more »

Thai Teen Tia

| 11/02/19 10:24 | by Boracay | Categories: Thai Girls
Hot Filipina teen Marilyn is a perfect example for a sexy LBFM with perfectly shaped body proportions. Her B-Cup boobs are like molded by God in person, as ass is round, no scars or stretchmark on her stomach and a wet LBFM pussy filled with Filipina… more »

Filipina LBFM

| 11/02/19 10:19 | by Boracay | Categories: Bar Girl
Filipino Fuck is one of the prime sites for Filipino hardcore porn. I am not talking about sexy Pinay softcore nudes, but real hardcore porn with Filipina LBFM girls. The site has been on pretty old content for the past years, but in July they finally… more »

Filipino Fucking

| 11/02/19 10:15 | by Boracay | Categories: Filipina, Asian Hardcore
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