Born in the USA

Bruce Springsteen's famous hit theme 'Born in the USA' could well apply to this new website with Orientals: Asian Porngasm. Why? Because all those Chinatown kittens are from America. Decades ago their families settled as immigrants, but their kittens are adult women who grew up with easy American lifestyle, fast food and strong language. They are neither polite like Japanese or Chinese ladies nor are they slim and petite like Singaporean fashion models. They are a lot more curvy around their breasts and hips thanks to tacos, burgers and fries. American-Asians are not shy at all.

Big gelpacks inside Asian American bombshell. Very cute!

Luckily, the guy who brings this new website to us is a friend of mine and he allowed me taking peeks at his models. Pretty neat girlfriend and amateur model stuff. It's his hobby to seduce girls he dates to pose naked. Sometimes they even give head or stroke him. It's fun to see this seduction and female dumbness play out in reality. It's like one of those old American teenager movies with cheerleaders.

He has a fetish for big boobs. Not the spinner type of models with big C-cups, but more chubby women with DD bombs. Looking forward to see them perform Russian sex (boob job) with baby oil. Joke aside, some models of this spiffy new site are genuine adult models who are starting out in modeling. Others are accomplished pornstars like Mai Ly, Mia Rider and Ariel Rose. Don't expect barely legal 18 year teens on this site. It is more about 23ish year old real women with self-confidence and sex appeal. The reality of Asians vamps from America.

| 11/02/19 08:49 | by Boracay | Categories: Asian American Girls