Girls of Cambodia

Supply of amateurs from Cambodia has been very slow over the past years. Actually, this is just our second post about sexy girls from Phnom Penh and as previously it's about sex workers (bargirls). The term bargirl is not as appropriate as for Thais or Filipina, because there are no gogobars and no barfine needs to be paid. Hookers are freelancers who hang out in popular tourist watering holes or discotheques similar to Vietnam, Malaysia and Orchard Towers in Singapore. Recently, Asian Sex Diary has started to publish articles about Cambodian girls and how to find them. It's reality based theme takes blogger John Tron to Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh two or three times a year. He researches meeting points and dating rituals with local girls, invites them for a dinner date and tells them what kind of businessmen he is: "I would like to have sex with you and make a movies. I can pay you well." Done deal.

When John signed the contract with Lang she presented him her passport as proof of her being 18 years of age. Her passport was from Vietnam. John learned later, many sex workers in Cambodia are Vietnamese women. They can earn money as prostitutes in Cambodia with a lot more privacy than in their home country as they do not need to be afraid of Vietnamese pimps who rule Saigon with fear and violence. In Cambodia they are free to do as they like. We published a censored image of prostitute Lang privacy reasons, but the producer didn't like her image going pubic: "Her pimp might recognize her big tits and hairy genital and ask her for the money from the movie". Her steamy sex movies are online with her real face. She is pretty.
See Vietnamese girls in Cambodia on this site as described above: Asian Sex Diary.

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