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Now, this is a cutie: Kona Kalani. I came across her site while surfing TeensinAsia TGP, a small Asian Teen TGP produced by a friend with a lot of love and care. I was absolutely thrilled about the looks of Kona. She pretty much looks like the girl I always dreamed about, the perfect Hawaiian dream girl. I had to keep all my senses together to leave my credit card in my purse and not to buy a membership to her Asian teen site right away. I did Google and Yahoo image searches and found a lot of nice footage about her. Finally I did pay her site a visit and found myself downloading a lot of her photos. Crazy, I never did that before. I must be in love with Kona.

Kona Kalani
Kona Kolani is a Hawaiian teen amateur of Asian descent. Her website offers concealed nudity and webcam shows.

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Hawaiian girl

Hawaii girl

Note: Kona has closed down her website in 2014 and no more access to her website is possible since the domain expired. Now, domain sharks are trying to sell her old domain for big profit. Very sad.

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