Filipino porn tabloid 'Sagad' busted

Guys who have been to the Philippines know those sleezy hustlers who try to sell all kinds of bullshit to tourists and Filipinos alike. Usually they sell food or cheap souvenirs, but there is a special kind of scumbags who pretend to be sales agents for newspapers, but all they try to sell are illegal porn magazines with very questionable content that they hide under a stag of normal newspapers. They were usually in company of security guards to protect them. The name of one of those illegal Filipino porn newspapers was Sagad. It published illegal images and stolen photos from foreign sex magazines and websites. They downloaded entire websites like Teen Filipina or Filipina Coeds and published them in their cheap magazine without paying any royalties to the sites and the photographers. The magazine was very popular in Metro Manila as it just cost a few Piso, but finally law enforcement raided the printing shop in Makati that produced the weekly porn tabloid as Filipino media reported a few weeks ago. It was a very popular story that received nationwide TV coverage. The online version of Sagad is also defunct as it reflects a server error, but the market still offers a lot of other porn magazines with nudes and sex stories like Bomba, another black market Filipino porn magazine. However, they may also become a victim of the new crackdown on copyright infringements and printed porn as presidential elections are in near sight. Sagad and other illegal tabloids were usually widely tolerated by law enforcement for various reasons or common interest in Filipino pussy.

| 08/18/08 15:26 | by Boracay | Categories: Filipina