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Thai girls are adorable. They are slim, in great shape, clean and proud Asian amateurs who - in many cases - make great girlfriends. While most Thais are shy, bargirls from Pattaya and Bangkok are less restricted when it comes to enjoy a lot of sex and posing for Asian nudes. So, it does not come as a surprise when commercial porn producers have spiffy and innovative ideas to ask other people do some work for their benefit without needing to pay for expensive production crew and modeling fees. Start up this new site: Submit my Thai Girlfriend. Mainly sex tourists and British sexpats who visit or live long time in Pattaya submit images of naked Thai bargirls from their one-night stands to this new site. Most girls who are shown in teaser photos are pretty cute, appearing a bit above market average for intimate Thai bargirl insiders.

If you have ever been to Thailand's bars and beer gardens you know, most chicks working out of bars have nasty tattoos, piercings and sad looking faces with big dark circles under their eyes. However, most submitted Thais from here seem to look much better. Maybe they are real Thai girlfriends? Who knows, commercial sites who charge money for subscriptions do use some tricks to make you believe whores are next door amateurs, but from first view those submitted Thai amateurs look smooth and gentle as they do in my erotic dreams.
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